About Western Europe

If you decide taking a round trip in Western Europe you should start in Great Britain. Drink Guinness in one of London’s crowded pubs. Then rent a car, but be careful with left-side driving and go to the countryside. There are marvelous castles and the land is also beautiful. From Britain take the Eurostar to Brusselles and visit the capital of the European Union. There are also delicious beers and chocolates. Then go towards to the city of love, which is Paris. After visiting the main sights go to a restaurant at St.Germain and enjoy French flavors then walk along the Seine’s bank in the moonlight.
For getting a little rest take a plane to Spain, enjoy the beauty of Barcelona and get sunburnt on the beach. If you are ready for a historical trip, go to Berlin, which is said to be the world’s largest construction, and the city still shows the differences between East and West. If you still have time, money and curiosity you should visit the capital city of fashion, Milan
. Milan is the less typical Italian city in Italy but one of the most beautiful ones. Pamper yourself with posh clothes, a huge meal of pasta, delicious ice cream, sit into a cafeteria at Dome Square and take a real Italian café.

It is also worth going to Switzerland. The country of banks, watches, chocolates and mountains is a perfect place to relax.
Don’t forget to buy souvenirs, so your relatives will enrich by little Eiffel Towers, Big Bens, glamorous chocolates, Prada scarves, toreador figures, etc.

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